Monday, December 3, 2012

The Lotus Pond

no Lotus blossoms
only pigeons quenching their thirst
beaks a dip in the water
the sound of those fluttering wings
reminds me of a time when
i quenched my thirst
drinking from the font of Love
i am thirsty again
and need to be reminded
by these birds
that liberty and freedom
don't sprout wings
they are born of the peace
of having tasted
the Water of Life

Speaking of Shiva*

So much has transpired
and come back to life
this is a dance drama
and i love it too much
to not be a part of it
the Black God
stands on one foot
and lets his locks
unfold onto the earth
a sheet of darkness
a terrible sound
splitting the universe
and then
the calm before the storm
the Light gets switched back on

*with all due respect to the famous kannada poetry translation by the same name