Thursday, April 24, 2014

Laying it bare

Sometimes immodesty is actually a good thing

it lays everything bare

as it is meant to be

no thin membrane of delusion

separating two worlds

no keeping things out

to make pretentious claims to preservation

sometimes immodesty is a good thing

because it lets you cut through the


get to the other side

and it becomes a virtue

why call it immodesty then

you may ask,

why not call it enlightenment

or reality

maybe something even more telling

like being or truth?

That's impossible

because language

has already formed

into parched cakes of meaning

clubbing immodesty with the profane,

a depravity of words

a paucity of true eloquence

like a scrap of flesh

being scavenged upon by a vulture

in transit

immodesty is a good thing

because it makes you stop and think

about what needs to be held open

for the infidel to examine

to take in

and make something worthwhile

out of life

there is only one choice here

throw your caution to the winds

free yourself

and start living.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Time's up

The clock on the wall has stopped ticking
it is a big wooden clock
with plenty of character and i keep on telling myself
that it is a piece of great creativity
so let it sit, stay in the house,
it is a proper work of art
what i seem to forget
is that it is like a freezer
and it is keeping me locked
in a fake timelessness
what should i do now?
it can't be fixed
no choice, a time-warped mind will
have to release the chime
and usher the era in.

Friday, April 18, 2014

merciful return to life

Rotting tomatoes and beans
Fallen prey to wind
and incessant tears from heaven
crops of bounty
making way for new life
it is beautiful out there
i don't mean the cherry blossom kind of spring beauty
i am talking about the grave of everything that ends
in a way that makes room
for something new
the seeds i planted are sitting in the cradle
of the cycle of eternity...........

visceral motion

It is a visceral feeling
the sand beneath my feet
I am sitting in the living room
curled up
by the fire
feeling the beach between my toes
the music comes blaring through the speakers
and the drums sound not unlike waves
hitting the shores
then reclining onto their mysterious centre
back in the sea
my mind conjures up images of boats
and lighthouses
ships and cruises
even the painting on the wall
shows floating vessels
all adding up
making me bob across
on the waves of my imagination
to hitherto unexplored places.....

Monday, February 17, 2014

On being ten

My daughter showed me
how to eat
candied ginger
by poking a chopstick
through it
and then sucking on it
like a lollipop
I bet you are wondering
what's so great about that
I tell you
it's great
I would go so far as to say
it's sensational
because she is
teaching me to be ten
to slurp
it up
and enjoy it
she brought me
and now on the eve
of her 11th birthday
I am learning
life goes in circles
not lines
that the greatest
enjoyment of
comes from
going back there

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A cold, cold day
A bitterly bitter wind
The inquiring look
On the face of a cat
As I stride
Conquering the territory
Of the unconquered
The grinding mill
Covered in layers
of 100% wool
The label
on the back
Yet I'm chill to the bone
and my lips won't move
the words
are stuck
on my
chilly worn out
you need to
read my face
my eyes
my determined gaze
I am curious
about what you gather
and I am eager
to see it reflected back
in your stance

Saturday, May 25, 2013

On the edge

On a precipice
Edge of cliff
Looking down
Into the steep drop
Vast mysterious ocean
Hiding the treasure
Which if I have to find
 I have to dive
I cannot and I must
How shall I do this
Have you done it
Once, twice, never?
Have you stood on the edge
Of a precipice
And wondered
Where to now?
Shall i dive
Shall i hide
Shall i run
For my life
Pray tell,
Do you know?
Have you been
To the edge of the precipice