Thursday, April 24, 2014

Laying it bare

Sometimes immodesty is actually a good thing

it lays everything bare

as it is meant to be

no thin membrane of delusion

separating two worlds

no keeping things out

to make pretentious claims to preservation

sometimes immodesty is a good thing

because it lets you cut through the


get to the other side

and it becomes a virtue

why call it immodesty then

you may ask,

why not call it enlightenment

or reality

maybe something even more telling

like being or truth?

That's impossible

because language

has already formed

into parched cakes of meaning

clubbing immodesty with the profane,

a depravity of words

a paucity of true eloquence

like a scrap of flesh

being scavenged upon by a vulture

in transit

immodesty is a good thing

because it makes you stop and think

about what needs to be held open

for the infidel to examine

to take in

and make something worthwhile

out of life

there is only one choice here

throw your caution to the winds

free yourself

and start living.

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Lanant said...

That's brilliant!