Thursday, October 9, 2008

Om is where the Art is

I’ve lost my brush and canvas
My pastels too are hiding
The paints are drying up into little cakes
Sitting neatly in glass boxes

I have pictures in my mind
Colors going wild
If the fantasy is to materialize
The art has to survive
In my head
In my heart
In the space between the two
Where the peace is
Where the pause is
Where the sound of creation
Quietly melding into color
I can hear it
It’s pulsating
It is alive, it is beating......

Find me my brush and canvas
Find me my paints
Give me back my pastels
And the power to create....
Let me see the brush strokes
Light up the screen with fire
For if the fantasy is to materialize
And the art is to survive……
Color and sound will have to morph
Until they unite...

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