Saturday, June 26, 2010


Just the other day
inspiration left me
and went for a walk
down a dark alley

There she met
two monsters
one called misery
and the other called death

“Wait!”, said inspiration
don't go yet
I have come here
only to meet you
so i can validate myself

i have nothing to say to you
misery said
Then why dont you come with me
cried death

I am going nowhere
with you
for i want to emerge
Not move into oblivion
so everyone can search

I want to live up
to my name
dear sir
Not surrender to you
and leave behind
an empty world
for you to plunder through

I will turn around now
you catch me if you can
i dont recommend a chase
You will see me
i will race

I want to go back
to where I belong
into the hearts of men
and women
who's work
will live on


I am once again inspired
And i hope to god it's true
that anything
i write from now on
is bound to be true
and with this little
of personal hope
i will leave
this peppered page
and take my pencil over
into yet another
clean white space

Now tell me, my friend and fellow-seeker,
pray tell me, do
have you ever been
in these same two shoes?
has inspiration ever
left you?

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