Monday, February 21, 2011

These precious moments

I was walking along the harbour
with the wind
unsparingly ruffling my mind
blowing my unconnected thoughts
in different directions

I would have thought
that a walk
along the water
amidst a silent bustle of people
wearing grim expressions
would be quiet
How was I to know
That the wind is not polite

I am now sitting at my desk
reflecting on today
on the moments we stayed close to ourselves
and the moments we strayed away

those moments that we were close to one another
the laughter
the frolic,
the alchemy in the air
the peace of understanding,
the giving
I savour
every minute detail there

I will walk around henceforth
holding these memories delicately
And as they sink
into my skin (for they eventually will)
these sweet thoughts of a day well lived,
yet another tomorrow
will come
to lay claim
over an unsuspecting me
with new drama unfolding
delicious story telling
no facade of stifling composure
to hide behind
you see

for even if the past does not exist
and a future arrives, unbeknownst to us
this moment will persist
infused with the pure joy
we shared today
a precious feeling
we created together
will stay in the now
with me

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