Thursday, November 3, 2011

today i am drunk

The last two drops of blood red wine
I had to suck out of the bottle
held precariously
to my drunken lips
it was not just the wine
that I had drunk
or was drunk on
it was life itself
that inebrieted me

as I sat down to enjoy
the feeling
of a little too much
I had to remove
those metaphoric
spirngs from under my feet
and tuck my legs in
with my knees grazing my chin
as I hugged myself

ah, love
and the wisdom
of drunkeness

I am asking myself
what's so great
about life
what do you love so much

cant say,
which world do I inhabit
the earth?
Or the tentative plane between the two
underground maybe
its quite nice down there too

seek and come back
heaven will be waiting for you
right here
on earth

god knows. Its true.

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